2015 Attracting Wealth Coaching

businesscardsWe offer 2015 Attracting Wealth Coaching. If you are looking for attracting wealth coaching in 2015 you have come to the right place. Our coaching is meant to motivate, inspire, teach and listen to you. It is sometimes helpful to have an outlet for the frustrations and hard problems you experience. When you work with a life coach you are having a positive person encourage, listen and help you set goals.

Our coaching program is run by a noted life coach, published author, mental health educator and kind person. Blake LeVine has helped many who are looking to grow and develop a better way of living. It is often our view of situations that determines how we feel. His coaching is very supportive, inspirational, spiritual and honest. He has done education at many organizations, on Hay House Radio, many media outlets and online.

The coaching is done by phone on your schedule. We are proud to offer times days, evenings and weekends. We know sometimes you need the help when there are not many options. Our goal is to teach and encourage you to move forward in your life.

Our coaching is affordable with sessions starting at $50 per week. We are happy to help and encourage you to try your first session. There is no commitment required and we are happy to see if our coaching program helps you. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email blakelevinecoach@gmail.com. Thank you for coming to our 2015 attracting wealth coaching page.

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