New Coaching Program

blakelevinephoto1beatingbipolarbookDo you want someone to support, listen and offer guidance? Are you hoping to feel happier and more optimistic? Are you struggling and know that change needs to happen?

We offer a fantastic life coaching program. You work directly with Blake LeVine. He is a life coach, social worker and author of 9 books. He is one of the strongest listeners that always cares about the clients he helps. Blake works to give you feedback that allows you to make change.

The best part of coaching is it is done by phone. You can set your appointment for day, evenings and even weekend times. Our hope is the coaching allows you to enjoy life more. There are many of us who feel sadness and lose our hope. When you work with a coach, you can rebuild your self esteem.

We encourage you to call us today. The number to our office in Florida is (954) 934-7543. When you call we will share about our coaching program. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about working with us. You can call anytime and if we are not available please leave a message with your number. You may also email us at

Phone (954) 934-7543


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