Delray Beach Bipolar Disorder Support

BeatingBipolarBookCoverWe are Delray Beach bipolar disorder support. If you in Delray Beach with bipolar disorder our support has the potential to help you. We have helped many with bipolar disorder in Delray Beach and many other areas. The feelings and frustrations from bipolar have caused many to feel overwhelmed. It is especially challenging for the loved ones who are supporting those with bipolar disorder in Delray Beach. We are happy to help you and our work is with both the family and the individual who lives with bipolar disorder. The good news is with support and caring help you have the potential to not only find improvements, but maybe even develop a higher level of hope.

Our group is founded by a dynamic life coach and social worker. He’s known for writing the bestselling guide about bipolar disorder called Beating Bipolar. It was released by Hay House and instantly became one of the most well read guides for dealing with this mental illness. He is also a survivor of bipolar and understands it not only as a therapist but as a human being who lives with bipolar. His work with bipolar has included educating on many media outlets and sharing his experiences with over 40,000 people. He’s also a frequent speaker at The National Alliance on Mental Illness and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. We encourage you to set up a session so we may have him help you. He offers convenient in person sessions at his office as well as telephone and video skype sessions for those with bipolar disorder outside of Delray Beach.

We thank you for looking at the Delray Beach bipolar disorder support we offer. You may call our office anytime at (213) 304-9555 or email

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