Delray Beach Depression

We help Delray Beach Depression. If your in Delray Beach and deal with depression we are here to help. Depression a challenge and those in Delray Beach who suffer from this understand the challenges. It is easy to feel like a roller coaster of emotions and often have extreme lows. You might feel you need someone to help  you repair the sadness you see on a daily basis. We work to help lift you up by providing supportive and high level knowledge. We’ve seen our clients handle their depression and become healthier and happier. If you are in Delray Beach and deal with depression why not work to figure out if our services will help you make positive changes.

Our founder is a social worker and life coach with years of experience helping issues ranging from depression, bipolar, addictions, anxiety, relationship situations, career issues, family drama, and making life changes. He is a three time published author including writing a bestselling book about bipolar disorder. He’s also been featured on many media outlets discussing health. He’s known for being a capable and strong listener who provides real world tools and support to handle depression and other issues. If you are in Delray Beach and deal with depression there is no reason to suffer in silence.

We welcome you to call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555. You may also email us anytime at We look forward to helping those in Delray Beach deal with depression in a constructive and supportive way.

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