Feeling Different Support South Florida

Are you feeling different in South Florida? If feeling different in South Florida we offer support to help you. When feeling different it is stressful and often causes feelings of isolation. We are here to work with you, help you and assist you in gaining a greater self confidence. We are life coaches and social workers who help our clients work through different emotional struggles. Feeling different in South Florida might be hard but when you work with someone on it you will likely see the feelings lessen. Your feelings might be from a failed relationship, someone hurting you, sexual orientation, loneliness or just feeling awkward. The good news is many amazing individuals feel different. There are many feeling different in South Florida.

Our founder is a fantastic social worker and life coach who is dedicated to helping his clients. He’s worked in private practice helping people for many years. He’s also a Hay House author and has written three published mental health books. His work has also been featured on television, in documentaries and is often quoted in the media. The main important factor is that we have the skills and talents to help you work on the struggles and situations you are living with. There are so many who struggle with feeling different in South Florida for years before finding someone to help them work on it.

We do sessions in person at our stunning office as well as phone or video Skype sessions. Our schedule offers day, evening and weekend times. Please call us today at (213) 304-9555 or email blakelevinecoach@gmail.com

Please know if feeling different in South Florida you are not alone and there is support available.

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