Finding A Way To Relax and Make More Money Coaching

blakelevinephoto1Welcome to finding a way to relax and make more money coaching. You may wonder about your career and also how to relax. There are some who work long hours to make a salary. There are others who have created a profitable business that employs others to do the work.

We provide life coaching to help you figure out your next steps. It may be learning about your career options. There are some who long to start a business and want coaching to see success.

Our coaching is done by Blake LeVine. He has written many books including The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work. He has also been a coach for many years helping others.

We welcome you to call or email about having a life coaching session. Most of our sessions are done by telephone. You can reach the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email