Grief and Bereavement Support Wellington

We offer grief and bereavement support for Wellington. If your facing grief and bereavement issues in Wellington we are happy to help you. There are many dealing with death, grief and bereavement in Wellington. When someone you were close to passes it is very scary and sad. There is often a tough transition when facing grief and bereavement. Our help in Wellington will provide you the support to work through these hard and emotional times. You are not alone and many seek grief and bereavement support in Wellington.

Our founder is a leading and noted social worker and life coach. He’s helped many families who struggle with grief and bereavement issues in Wellington. He has also worked with many families and individuals facing different heavy and emotional struggles. If you are looking to make positive change we have the kindness, patience and experience to help you work through these issues. Our work has been featured in three published books and we are often quoted in the media talking about mental health issues. We’re here to help you today to work on the grief and bereavement issues in Wellington.

Please know you may contact us now to start to learn more about how we help. Our direct number is (213) 304-9555 or email

We know finding bereavement and grief support is not easy. It is our goal to provide a safe and comfortable place to open up and find support for these struggles.

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