Handling Problems With Light Coaching

businesscardsWelcome to handling problems with light coaching. If you need help handling problems with light through coaching we are happy to help. We all sometimes go through situations where we feel stuck, sad, confused, angry or isolated. Our coaching is meant to give you someone to listen, encourage, offer hope, faith and know you can make it through the issues. We know that having support allows you to make progress and to develop your outcome.

The coaching program is run by Blake LeVine. He is a kind, motivated, driven and talented coach. He has helped many families and individuals who are looking to learn and grow. Blake has spoken on many media outlets, at organizations, businesses and schools. He is the author of several books and has shared many lessons.

We welcome you to learn about the coaching program we offer. Our coaching is available at flexible times including weekends, days and evenings. Our program is affordable with sessions as low as $50 for a 30 minute session and $100 for an hour session. Our goal with coaching is to help you develop and grow. Thank you for handling problems with light and learning about using our coaching program.

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