Learning The Art of Patience Coaching

beatingbipolarbookWelcome to learning the art of patience coaching. Many benefit from learning the art of patience by coaching. It is common that we want to feel happier, see success, achieve goals and find joy. The problem happens when we set a goal and want it right away. It is common that many of us want everything instantly.

The reality of life is that many of our goals will take a long time. The reason is we need to develop the gifts, skills, talents and patience to achieve what we are capable of. The long term persistence often will lead to achieving what your goals are. You must begin to develop your own thinking and plans in order to achieve these goals.

Blake LeVine is a life coach who has mastered the art of patience. He has achieved many goals with long term determination, persistence, hope and achievement. He has empowered many others and has helped many reach their goals. This includes writing 5 published books, appearing on Oprah.com, Life and Style, Hay House Radio and YouTube. He has spoken at many organizations and is considered an expert in mental health.

Our coaching program focuses on your goals and schedule. We offer day, evening, weekend and flexible appointments. Our coaching by phone is able to help those in all areas. The cost if affordable with sessions starting at $50 a week. We’ve seen many make positive growth by being coached and help.

You may learn about the art of patience coaching by calling Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email blakelevinecoach@gmail.com.

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