Learning To Build A Positive Attitude Through Affirmations

blakewebsiteWelcome to learning to build a positive attitude through affirmations. Our training helps you learn how to build a positive attitude through affirmations. We want to teach you how to stop thinking harmful thoughts and learn more positive and encouraging ones.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to grow and learn how to change your thoughts. One example is to choose a few thoughts you might want to think about yourself. This may be ¨I am kind, smart, caring and growing¨. In the beginning it may be hard to believe these thoughts. When you practice you will eventually change and start to accept the thoughts you say.

Many of us struggle because all day long we say horrible thoughts which defeat us. This may be part of what has held you back from reaching your goals and abilities. We provide a one on one coaching program where we work to teach affirmations, positive thinking, letting go of stress and finding more self love.

You may call our coaching office where we do one on one sessions by phone. Our number is (213) 304-9555 and you may email blakelevinecoaching@aol.com. Thank you and we look forward to helping you.

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