Optimism Coaching and Training

blakeWe offer optmism coaching and training. Our goal is to help coach you to learn optimism and train you to think in a healthier way. It is common to get stuck when we starting feeling fear or negativity. The benefit of optimism is you are likely to keep persisting and have a better chance of reaching your goals. Many times as kids, we learn to be negative and talk ourselves out of the things we really want to achieve. Our goal is to help you relearn better ways to handle the issues and situations that come into your life.

Blake LeVine is a social worker, bestselling author, life coach, educator and noted mental health advocate. He has helped many others who want to change their thinking and learn to be happier, more motivated and ready to see the better parts of life. He has shared his lessons on Oprah.com, Life and Style, BP Magazine, YouTube, Hay House Radio and many media outlets. His coaching is very enjoyable and he takes great care helping his clients.

You may learn about the training and optimism coaching by calling the office of Blake LeVine Coaching at (213) 304-9555 or email blakelevinecoach@gmail.com. We greatly appreciate you coming to this website. Our training is by phone and we have helped those in many areas.

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