Power of Words Coaching

blakewebsiteWelcome to Blake Levine Coaching.    We are here to coach you on understanding the power or words.  Understanding the power of words is the bridge from negative feelings to the feelings of love.  Are you ready to make 2015 your best year yet??  Life is not an easy road and sometimes you need some help, encouragement, and just a new way of thinking.  I am reading an amazing book that has completely changed my life called the POWER OF NOW.   Many of our thoughts are on autopilot and many of these thoughts are negative.  It is unbelievable that any day you can change your future just by changing your feelings and thoughts.  We are in charge of our feelings and thoughts and we have so much power.  Everything can change in your life just by desiring what you want with all of your heart.  You must give LOVE to receive love and what you want.  I am a depression survivor and I have been using these tools every day and every minute of my life.  I am imagining and FEELING the things that I want and with the law of attraction the things that I want are coming to fruition.  I am here to help you learn these principles and I am ready for each and every one of you to have the most AMAZING year that you created!

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