Sober Coach Melville Sober Coaching Melville

We are the sober coach for Melville. We are an expert sober coach for Melville. If you need a sober coach for Melville we are here to help. Our coaching is provided by a team of sober coaches. Our founder is a sober coach and life coach who has helped many clients dealing with different issues. He is an author of the book Beating Bipolar, has educated at many organizations and has appeared on many media outlets.
Our sober coach for Melville works in a very unique way. We offer sober coaching using the power of technology. Our sober coach for Melville will work with you by phone and text. Our sober coach is here to listen and talk to you at anytime. The sober coach for Melville will work with you to deal with your feelings, motivate and encourage you. We work using holistic techniques helping you with real world issues. Our sober coach is a life coach who will work with you on setting goals, working on a daily schedule, help you figure out career goals, help you strengthen relationships and provide guidance. We work to motivate and encourage you to make positive changes.
Our sober coach in Melville was founded on our belief that those with addictions deserve respect and kindness. We work as a sober coach to help you figure out your feelings and learn how to move forward. Our sober coach Blake LeVine has worked helping others for many years. He has an expert knowledge in mental illness and addiction. His brother died at 27 from a heroin overdose. We are hoping our coaching helps you to work on positive change.
We want to encourage you to work with our sober coach in Melville. As our way to help we offer you one free coupon to call our sober coach for Melville at anytime. This free coupon entitles you to a 30 minute free coaching session. If you decide to continue working with us we do charge fees on a sliding scale. This free coupon gives you a free 30 minute session that has a value of $200. We encourage you to use this free coupon anytime. Your welcome to print the coupon or just mention the coupon and call or email us. You may reach the sober coach for Melville by calling (213) 304-9555 or email
You are welcome to give a copy of the coupon to any friend, family member or associate. Each individual is entitled to use one free coupon each. This entitles you for a $200 30 minute session for free. We appreciate you coming to the sober coach for Melville page. We wish you great luck with your recovery. Please call us and mention the free coupon by calling (213) 304-9555 or email


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