Video Game Addiction Coaching

sessionWe are the video game addiction coaching program. If you are looking for help with video game addiction our coaching program is here to help you. We also train others who want to learn more about video game addiction. There are common elements in all addictions but video games is unique in how it manifests in those who struggle. There is also not much known about how the long term abuse impacts those who lead most of their lives playing video games.

Blake LeVine is a noted social worker, life coach, published author and advocate. He has appeared on many media outlets, educated at schools, and helped many others. His coaching is meant to help educate, engage, share lessons and help those facing problems. We know that having someone who is determined and passionate helps you work through some of these tough problems.

We welcome you to learn about the coaching program we offer. We work by phone with clients from many areas. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email We look forward to helping you. Thank you for coming to the page for video game addiction. We believe our coaching has the potential to make a major difference.

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